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Forest health is an important variable that we need to monitor for forest management decision making. However, forest health is difficult to assess and monitor based merely on forest field surveys. In the present study, we first derived a comprehensive forest health indicator using 15 forest stand attributes extracted from forest inventory plots. Second, Pearson’s correlation analysis was performed to investigate the relationship between the forest health indicator and the spectral and textural measures extracted from SPOT-5 images. Third, all-subsets regression was performed to build the predictive model by including the statistically significant image-derived measures as independent variables. Finally, the developed model was evaluated using the coefficient of determination (R2) and the root mean square error (RMSE). Additionally, the produced model was further validated for its performance using the leave-one-out cross-validation approach. The results indicated that our produced model could provide reliable, fast and economic means to assess and monitor forest health. A thematic map of forest health was finally produced to support forest health management.

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Meng, Jinghui., Li, Shiming., Wang, Wei., Liu, Qingwang., Xie, Shiqin., & Ma, Wu.(2016). Mapping Forest Health Using Spectral And Textural Information Extracted From Spot-5 Satellite Images. Remote Sensing, 8(9), 719.