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The order Alismatales is a hotspot for evolution of plant mitochondrial genomes characterized by remarkable differences in genome size, substitution rates, RNA editing, retrotranscription, gene loss and intron loss. Here we have sequenced the complete mitogenomes of Zostera marina and Stratiotes aloides, which together with previously sequenced mitogenomes from Butomus and Spirodela, provide new evolutionary evidence of genome size reduction, gene loss and transfer to the nucleus. The Zostera mitogenome includes a large portion of DNA transferred from the plastome, yet it is the smallest known mitogenome from a non-parasitic plant. Using a broad sample of the Alismatales, the evolutionary history of ribosomal protein gene loss is analyzed. In Zostera almost all ribosomal protein genes are lost from the mitogenome, but only some can be found in the nucleus.

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Petersen, Gitte., Cuenca, Argelia., Zervas, Athanasios., Ross, Gregory T., Graham, Sean W., Barrett, Craig F.,… Mishmar, Dan. (2017). Mitochondrial Genome Evolution In Alismatales: Size Reduction And Extensive Loss Of Ribosomal Protein Genes. Plos One, 12(5), E0177606.