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Radio astronomy has traditionally depended on observatories allocating time to observers for exclusive use of their telescopes. The disadvantage of this scheme is that the data thus collected is rarely used for other astronomy applications, and in many cases, is unsuitable. For example, properly calibrated pulsar search data can, with some reduction, be used for spectral line surveys. A backend that supports plugging in multiple applications to a telescope to perform commensal data analysis will vastly increase the science throughput of the facility. In this paper, we present

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Chennamangalam, Jayanth., Macmahon, David., Cobb, Jeff., Karastergiou, Aris., Siemion, Andrew P. V., Rajwade, Kaustubh.,… Mclaughlin, Maura A. (2017). Setiburst: A Robotic, Commensal, Realtime Multi-Science Backend For The Arecibo Telescope. The Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series, 228(2), 21.