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The lack of consistent, reliable data on interregional trade and interindustry transactions hampers complete analysis of regional models. This study implements and tests interindustry transaction flows in a national system of economic regions derived from an interregional accounting framework and initial information on interregional shipments. The method used to construct an interregional Commodity by Industry Flow matrix for the United States involves the construction of single-state SAMs. The interregional flows connecting states are estimated using a method based on the Commodity Flow Survey data published by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which adjusts the estimated interregional SAM to insure the integrity of intraregional and system-wide, national accounts. This paper presents the results of exercises testing the validity of the resulting interregional trade-flow data using, among other data sources, the CFS itself, the FAFD and S&P/DRI regional estimates. The model is tested is a US interregional framework describing flows within and among the 50 states and the District of Colombia.

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Schwarm WR, RW Jackson and Y Okuyama. An Evaluation of Method for Constructing Commodity by Industry Flow Matrices. The Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy, Volume 36, Number 1, pages 84-93.