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Social Work


This paper is an effort to provide an overall view of the organization

and administration of Korean Social Welfare. It is based upon a literature

review of published materials on the subject in both Korean and English.

This study is part of a research initiative on East Asian social administration

at the West Virginia University School of Social Work. The basic effort is to

examine aspects of social administration in East Asian countries and

compare them with administrative practices in the Anglo-American tradition.

The paper was prepared with the assistance of two doctoral students.

Ms. Younock Kim and Mr. Sienam Hahm reviewed the available literature on

Korean social administration in Korean and English. The interpretations

and the opinions expressed are those of the author. This paper is written to

provide an English-language review of the subject, since no such review can

currently be located in the English language literature on Korean social



This is one of the very first studies of the organization and administration of social work services in South Korea.



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