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Ralph Deigh is the most famous vernacular American architect you've never heard of. After a military career spanning two wars and struggles with homelessness and PTSD, he is invited to design an entirely new rural community for the 21st century. Twin disasters (fire and flood) in Dare County, West Virginia, set up the circumstances for him to join with Rosemary Mueller and the wealthy Ohio-based Mueller Foundation and a mysterious group of local Dare County residents led by Adam Sennett, County Clerk of Dare County. Together, they design and build the new town of Eden, West Virginia.

The whole story is told by veteran novelist Phil Anthropod.

The story of Eden is accompanied by several collections of annotated public domain and Creative Commons photos published as “Ralph Deigh’s Notebooks”. The currently available notebooks are published at:

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Phil Anthropod is a pseudonym used by fiction written by Roger A. Lohmann.



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