Hypertext and Electronic Publishing in Nonprofit Organizations, Voluntary Action and Philanthropy Studies

Roger A. Lohmann, West Virginia University


Computer networking is making it possible to think about completely new ways of organizing and contributing to knowledge of nonprofit organization, voluntary action and philanthropy studies. One of these new ways is hypertext, which still lacks a general model or metaphor, but which generally involves electronic links between different texts. This paper proposes an applied model of hypertext termed TESH (Traditional-Established Scholarly Hypertext) as a model for future scholarly publishing in nonprofit organizations, voluntary action and philanthropy. Traditionally, publishing has been viewed as a constitutive activity of scholarly communities of peers who exchange communications with one another. In TESH, each manuscript (article, review, commentary) is “posted” in an archive with embedded hypertext links and assigned at least one anonymous review by an on-line editorial board. A model TESH-publishing project for the field is outlined and discussed.