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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


A study of rope formation in gas–solid flows through abrupt turns has been conducted. Experiments in which high-speed video was recorded and analyzed for solid concentration profiles were compared to CFD simulations utilizing both RANS and large eddy simulation turbulence models. In both simulations and experiments, particle-laden flows of air and ground flaxseed, with solid loadings of 35, 42, and 51% were considered. The results of the study demonstrate that both RANS and large eddy simulation can accurately predict particle roping. Furthermore, simulations show that the roping phenomenon is strongly dependent upon selection of an appropriate value for the coefficient of restitution. Additionally, a strong relation between local solid concentration and gas vorticity was observed.

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Guda, S.S., Rowan, S.L., Yang, T., Shaffer, F., & Celik, I.B. (2017) Investigation of rope formation in gas-solid flows through a 90 degree pipe bend using high-speed video and CFD simulations. The Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows, 0(0): 1-16.


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