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It is often claimed that if the world had been promptly forewarned about COVID-19 in China, it would have acted sooner and prevented a catastrophe. Yet, we are witnessing another Chinese initiative, the Belt and Road policy, which threatens to drown global regions in debt, and many governments are doing nothing to stop it. Hesitation in front of red flags determines humanity’s destination. I use the Azores as an example of being on the receiving end of Chinese expansionism, of how it all started with a group of Chinese tourists fluent in Portuguese, and how this innocent looking factor opened the door for more serious political maneuvering by the Communist Party of China (CPC). I examine closely the writings of the CPC’s Haoguang Liang and Yaojun Zhang and how they sugarcoat the true intent and perilous outcomes of the Belt and Road initiative as China becomes more assertive in its economic and military strategies. I also draw lessons from Francisco Cantu’s work, The Line Becomes a River.



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