Karen R. Diaz

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You've heard the pitch about how big the Web is—some 380 million pages and counting. But did you know that there is a virtual treasure trove of information that is not visible through the traditional search engines? Did you know that there are thousands of searchable databases, archives, and other information sources delivering highly targeted information for a much improved searching experience?—The Invisible Web Catalog on the Lycos Network Search engines Find Web sites, Web pages, and in some cases, specified types of documents. Some provide more comprehensive results while others provide more precise results. However, what most search engines rarely find are records in databases. increasingly, valuable sorts of information reside in databases and remain out of reach of standard search tools. This reality is becoming more apparent and getting increasing press among would-be power searchers. Web sites are popping up to address the issue and point researchers in the right direction. Conferences are offering workshops on ''The Invisible Web."