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This research report examines the ongoing struggle for Native American groups to maintain their traditional hunting and fishing rights. Since the establishment of the United States federal government these rights have been continuously eroded through use of congressional legislation, as well as federal court rulings. These decisions have had devastating effects on the economic, social, and spiritual well being of many of these Native American groups. This piece will attempt to provide an accurate chronology of critical events, which has led to the depredation of these rights. In addition, it will provide a possible blueprint unto how the country of the United States, along with the various Native American entities, should assess these problems into the 21st century. By providing the historical background of these laws and court ruling, this piece hopes to make evident the base causes and forces, which has led to this ever-growing issue. In closing this paper will seek to make aware the general population on this issue not only as it pertains to Native American’s but to the population at large.



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