Mountaineer Undergraduate Research Review

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This capstone examines the artistic and personal impact Monhegan Island, Maine had on the artist Rockwell Kent (1882-1971). This is accomplished by evaluating what qualities Monhegan Island has that makes it an attractive location for an artist colony. Afterwards, focus will be directed towards Kent; specifically, a selection of landscape paintings from his residency on Monhegan Island (1905-1910; 1917; and 1947-1953), will be analyzed chronologically. They will be evaluated using Jay Appleton’s prospect – refuge theory commenting on humans’ interactions with particular environments. These analyses are then compared to personal events that occurred at the time the artwork in question was created. This information was collected using archives, journals, interviews, and books. When this is completed, the results show that Monhegan Island did in fact have a positive impact on Kent’s artistic career and on his life, as this location influenced his future destinations.