Mountaineer Undergraduate Research Review

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With the prevalence of obesity steadily increasing throughout the United States, promotion of healthy behavior is as important as ever. Positive exercise and dietary habits promoted during the years an individual is in college can perpetuate a lifestyle change that ideally prolongs an entire lifespan. Researchers gathered data from 108 full time students, 18 years of age or older from the West Virginia University Student Recreation Center. Participants were recruited using convenient sampling and completed a 74-item questionnaire comprised of both qualitative and quantitative questions. The collected data, in collaboration with previous literature, has empowered the research team with suitable information to identify motives and barriers of exercise among the sample population. One significant finding suggests there is a moderate relationship between exerciser efficacy and how enjoyable exercise is perceived. These findings are in line with previous research, and propose that individuals will enjoy exercise more if they are more confident in their abilities to properly and effectively exercise.



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