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Consumption of acidic beverages is a frequent occurrence for many dental patients causing an increase in the acidity of the oral environment and potentially contributing to dental erosion. Currently, no recommendations are available for a protocol to prevent such an acidic environment if one chooses to consume acidic beverages. The purpose this study was to examine five common mouthrinses for their efficacy in buffering salivary pH after acidic exposure, as measured from a group of subjects at various time intervals after Coca-Cola® consumption. All mouthrinses increased salivary pH to more basic levels than without a rinse. Mean salivary pH testing indicates that Cool Mint Listerine® elevated salivary pH the fastest. At 20 minutes post-rinse, only distilled water and ACT® Anticavity mouthrinses resulted in more basic salivary pH values than baseline. However, the only mouthrinse which produced statistically significant salivary pH buffering was ACT® Anticavity. The results of this study increase dental professionals’ awareness of buffering efficacies of the tested mouthrinses. Further evaluation of ACT® Anticavity mouthrinse in future studies would arrive at a definitive solution for patient recommendation.



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