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This paper explains and investigates a genre of internet imagery that has been termed as “Shitposts” and where they place in the history of art. Pre-existing research has defined the movement as a “Neo-Neo-Dadaist” movement (Dadaism being an art movement of the early 1900’s emphasizing irrationality, most popularized by Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain). However, it is questioned if the motivations and core aesthetics of Dadaism and the Neo- Dadaist movement of the 1960’s (a movement that included artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and Yoko Ono) are really akin to what is behind the Shitpost style. This essay goes through manifestoes of the historical movements as well as artwork from the three periods to analyze where the similarities and differences lie, and whether Shitposts should be defined as Neo-Neo-Dada. It is ultimately deemed an unfit title due to significant distinctions in fundamental ideas and the direction and platform Shitposts exist in, also noting the context that the Dadaist movement has largely not been informing or guiding creators of Shitposts.



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