Economic Impact Forecast System 5.0 - Users Reference Manual

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The Economic Impact Forecast System is a multifaceted computer system that provides information useful for estimating the socioeconomic impacts caused by military projects and activities. This report provides information for obtaining and initially interpreting output from current and future versions of EIFS. The information contained in this report supersedes information contained in the USACERL Technical Report N-2 and the 1979 and 1984 editions of USACERL Technical Report N-69. This manual provides needed information on (1) data contained in the EIFS database; (2) use of the two-tier approach to socioeconomic assessment; (3) use of the Rational Threshold Value and Forecast Significance of Impacts techniques to measure "significance"; (4) hands-on use of the computer system itself; and (5) theoretical underpinnings of the tools available through the EIFS family of models.