A Note on Partitioning Effects Estimates Over Space

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Working Paper

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Regional Research Institute


In this paper we provide an applied example for calculating the so-called effects estimates of LeSage and Pace (2009) for partitions of the impacts over space. While the partitioning of the impacts by orders of neighbors over space for the spatial autoregressive (SAR) model is a relatively straightforward procedure, care must be taken in the case of the spatial Durbin model (SDM). We provide an illustration of these calculations for both models using a widely available data set on voter turnout for the 1980 United States presidential election.

Source Citation

Jensen, C.D., Lacombe, D.J. A note on partitioning effects estimates over space. Lett Spat Resour Sci 5, 47–53 (2012). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12076-011-0070-z