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Regional Research Institute


Multiregional dynamic models of economic growth rarely capture the interdependencies among regions that are geographically distant and/or often underestimate the importance of these linkages. This bias has become more and more serious because travel and transportation costs continue to decrease, while new telecommunication and information technologies enable business activities to readily take place between geographically remote locations. The conceptual framework in this study–modelling the network of regions–is based on well-known spatial econometric methods and provides alternative ways to integrate network interdependencies of economic activities into many fields, as well as modelling techniques such as spatial computable general equilibrium, input-output, and dynamic econometric models.

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Péter Járosi. Modelling Network Interdependencies of Regional Economies using Spatial Econometric Techniques. Regional Statistics, 7(1).DOI: 10.15196/RS07101.2017.