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Sociology and Anthropology

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Susanna Donaldson


Used to establish scientific racism, reinforce eugenics, and create immigration laws, the foundation of American anthropology was built on colonialistic and eurocentric ideology. By focusing on discourse rather than action, decades of effort to diversify the discipline has led to graduate students and practicing anthropologists of color to continuously express marginalization within the field. In 2009, the American Anthropological Association Commission on Race and Racism in Anthropology (CRRA) conducted a survey to examine the experiences and status of minorities within the field of anthropology. The survey focused on the graduate students and those in academic positions. The results of this survey demonstrate racial and ethnic marginalization within the field of anthropology. What the CRRA study does not include is the undergraduate experience. This ethnographic study explores the experiences and status of undergraduate students in anthropology at West Virginia University using an interview script adapted from the CRRA survey questions.

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