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The lesson plan in this correlates to the book Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. This plan shows the history of the desegregation in the state of West Virginia and provides facts about what happened during that time. This will give you the ability to give a brief history to fully understand the hardship for African Americans, and also to show students how the education system has changed overtime. This history lesson connects with Hidden Figures because there is a direct connection to the educational system to the real-life people Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan. Both had attended schools in the state of West Virginia (particularly in the Morgantown area). Dorothy’s family moved to Morgantown, West Virginia when she was eight (Shetterly 28). She then went through school there, graduating from Beechurst High School as the valedictorian (Shetterly 28). Katherine was a college student at West Virginia State College but went for a semester at West Virginia University. Katharine also had a huge hand in the integration of graduate school in West Virginia. I feel like this would be a good lesson to correlate with the reading.