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Four proposed amendments to the West Virginia Constitution are to be submitted to the voters for adoption or rejection at the general election to be held on November 4, 1958. These four amendments were proposed in Senate Joint Resolutions Nos. 1, 4, 5 and 8, adopted by the West Virginia Legislature at the regular 1957 session,2 and are separate and distinct from the general constitutional revision study for which the West Virginia Commission on Constitutional Revision was created by Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 58 at the same session of the legislature. For the convenient reference of West Virginia attorneys and their study and discussion of the proposed changes among themselves and with their clients prior to the general election on November 4, it is considered worthwhile to set out each of the four proposals with some brief comment on the history and objects thereof.


The uploader of this issue believes that the Issue and date listed on the Heading are a typographical error and this is actually Volume 60, Issue 4 published in June 1958.



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