Severity of the metabolic syndrome as a predictor of type 2 diabetes between childhood and adulthood: the Princeton Lipid Research Cohort Study

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Aim—Determine the long-term associations of a sex- and race/ethnicity-specific MetS-severity Zscore from childhood and adulthood with future diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Methods—We performed a prospective cohort study with evaluations from the Lipids Research Clinic (LRC) 1973–1976 and Princeton Follow-up Study (PFS) 1998–2003 and further disease status from Princeton Health Update (PHU) 2010–2014. We assessed MetS severity as a predictor of incident T2DM among 629 cohort participants assessed at both LRC and PFS and 354 participants at PHU. Results—Cohort participants had a mean age of 12.9y at baseline (LRC), 38.4y at PFS and 49.6y at most recent follow-up. Childhood MetS-Z-scores were associated with adult MetS-Z-scores (ppotential clinical utility in assessing MetS severity to detect risk and follow clinical progress over time.