Lung cancer metastasis presenting as a solitary skull mass

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Lung cancer has been well documented to spread to bone and the axial skeleton after metastasis to adjacent organs. Bony metastasis is not, however, the typical presenting manifestation. The differential diagnosis for a tissue mass on the skull should warrant a workup for metastatic disease. Bony metastasis plays an important role in treatment and disease management. We report an exceptionally rare case of stage IV lung adenocarcinoma that presented with a solitary skull metastasis and a significant soft-tissue component. The lesion was treated by excision via craniotomy and subsequent medical management of the adenocarcinoma. This case illustrates a very rare presentation of lung adenocarcinoma and also represents what the authors believe to be the first report of a solitary skull mass originating from a lung primary. We also present a review of the literature surrounding bony metastasis to the skull and implications for patient care.