The WVU Datasets collection is a public access repository for publishing research data from West Virginia University. The materials in this repository are scholarly works and should be appropriately cited when referenced in other works. Prior to downloading any files, click on the title of the dataset(s) to view license terms and recommended citations.

Prior to depositing data, be sure that:

  • your data is in a final state and not expected to undergo revisions
  • you have removed any private, confidential, or legally protected information from your data
  • you have permission to publicly distribute data from all creator(s) and/or copyright owner(s)

For more information on depositing data, visit the WVU Datasets guide.

Published data is available worldwide and will receive a digital object identifier (DOI) for reference and citation. Deposited datasets are stored in a stable environment that complies with many funder and publisher requirements. 


Submissions from 2023


Raw Data for Mechanical Modeling of Mechanosensitive Insect Strain Sensors as a Tool to Investigate Exoskeletal Interfaces, Gesa F. Dinges, William P. Zyhowski, Anastasia Lucci, Jordan Friend, and Nicholas S. Szczecinski

Submissions from 2022


Raw Data for "Correlation Between Ranges of Leg Walking Angles and Passive Rest Angles Among Leg Types in Stick Insects", Christoph Guschlbauer, Scott L. Hooper, Charalampos Mantziaris, Anna Schwarz, Nicholas S. Szczecinski, and Ansgar Bueschges

Submissions from 2020


Hinkson Creek Experimental Watershed (HCEW): Stage Data WY09 - WY15, Jason Hubbart