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For three years, engineering librarians from West Virginia University (WVU) have been teaching information fluency skills to 700-1000 freshman engineering students per year, using a specific information fluency cycle. The librarians’ responsibilities in the Fall 2013 course syllabus included teaching once in each section, providing a two-hour, in-library group sessions to accommodate almost 700 students, delivering an intellectual property Blackboard™ module for students to complete over a specific period of time, and requiring students to complete a Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial with quiz. Some of these components are similar to those of past semesters. However, past collection of the data was difficult. Student participation and compliance were increased through greater buy-in by professors, moving the Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial to the librarians’ control, librarians attending weekly faculty meetings, willingness of librarians to migrate a semester early to the new Blackboard™ with the engineering faculty, and a compressed schedule for the delivery of all information literacy parts (from eleven weeks to six). The increased student participation provides better indicators of earning and demonstrates areas for teaching improvement. Overall, the data have indicated the students’ understanding of the use of information and their beginning awareness of the importance of information tools for their success as engineers.

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Armour-Gemmen, M. G., & Hensel, R. A., & Strife, M. L. (2014, June), The 360° of Information Fluency Delivery to Freshman Engineering Students Paper presented at 2014 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Indianapolis, Indiana.



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