The Intersection of Public Relations and Activism: A Multinational Look at Suffrage Movements

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Over the centuries, scholars have studied how individuals, institutions and groups have used various rhetorical stances to persuade others to pay attention to, believe in, and adopt a course of action. The emergence of public relations as an identifiable and discrete occupation in the early 20th century led scholars to describe this new iteration of persuasion as a unique, more systematized, and technical form of wielding influence, resulting in an overemphasis on practice, frequently couched within an American historical context.

This volume responds to such approaches by expanding the framework for understanding public relations history, investigating broad, conceptual questions concerning the ways in which public relations rose as a practice and a field within different cultures and countries at different times in history.

With its unique cultural and contextual emphasis, Pathways to Public Relations shifts the paradigm of public relations history away from traditional methodologies and assumptions, and provides a new and unique entry point into this complicated arena.

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Martinelli, Diana. (2014). “The Intersection of Public Relations and Activism: A Multinational Look at Suffrage Movements” in L’Etang, J., Lamme, M. and St. John, B. (Eds.). Pathways to Public Relations: Histories of practice and profession, New York, NY: Routledge New Directions in Public Relations and Communication Research.