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This study takes a qualitative approach to understanding the connections among narrative, professional identity, and reputation management in public education. Through 15 interviews and five focus groups with high-achieving teachers and administrators, researchers explored the narratives these educators share to understand and improve the story of the teaching profession. Central to the findings are societal, organizational, and community-level factors that have led to a reputation crisis for the profession of teaching and thus contribute to the national teacher shortage. Ultimately, this study points to the notion that a shift in the perception of the value of teaching and teachers can be affected when narratives are understood and the principles of reputation management are applied. Communication interventions that provide a path forward are discussed.

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Pressgrove, G., Janoske, M., & Madden, S. (2019). Changing the Story: Implications of Narrative on Teacher Identity. The Journal of Public Interest Communications, 3(1), 3.



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