Communitarianism: Part of a World View for Symmetry in Communication?

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Building and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders is a standard tenet of strategic public relations. While relationship indicators have been proposed by researchers, a new paper explores relationships through the global philosophical idea of communitarianism. This idea supports notions of sharedness, cohesion and mutual accommodation, which are implied in symmetric communication. The authors identify nine tenets that fall within three categories: core concepts of community, community-enabling beliefs, and empowerment beliefs. Once tested and refined, these tenets and categories ultimately could help identify global stakeholders’ perceptions of empowerment and, therefore, help public relations practitioners better assess psychographic profiles and resultant communication strategies.

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Culbertson, Hugh M. and Knott, Diana L. (2004). “Communitarianism: Part of a World View for Symmetry in Communication?” in T. Carroll (Ed.). Proceedings of the International, Interdisciplinary Public Relations Research Conference, South Miami, Florida, March 2004, 27– 38.