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Sport and Exercise Psychology



Previous research with participants in weight management has primarily focused on participant weight-loss expectations. The purpose of this study was to explore participant expectations and strategies for measuring progress during a community-based weight management program.


Semi-structured interviews were completed with 22 participants with overweight or obesity, who were currently enrolled in a 2-year weight management program in order to understand their expectations and strategies for measuring their progress.


Aside from weight loss, participants’ expectations included improved health, fitness, and mood, gaining support, and developing new habits. Participants discussed measuring their success by focusing on weight loss and changes to their body, improved health, mood, and fitness, creation of new habits, and gaining additional support.


The results of this study suggest that participant’s in a weight management program expected benefits beyond just weight loss.

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Ingels, J. S., Hansell, A., & Zizzi, S. (2018). Beyond weight loss: A qualitative exploration of participant expectations and strategies for measuring progress during a weight management program. SAGE Open Medicine, 6, 205031211880761.


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