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Based on the geological condition of panel 22507 of the no. 5 coal seam at Dongjiahe coal mine, numerical analysis of the stability and water permeability of the floor aquiclude before and after grouting was conducted using Rock Failure Process Analysis (F-RFPA2D). The dynamic development, extension, and distribution of the cracks in the aquiclude are discussed. It is shown that grouting can increase the effective thickness of the aquiclude, reduce the floor damage depth, and control the floor water inrush path, thus effectively improving the overall strength and water blocking capability of the aquiclude. These numerical study results were applied to facilitate relevant engineering work at Dongjiahe coal mine. The mitigation measures involved grouting the floor of the no. 5 coal seam, allowing panel 22507 to be mined safely above confined water. This exercise provided invaluable experience in preventing water inrush hazards.

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Li, A., Liu, Y., Mou, L., & Li, K. (2018). Numerical analysis and case study on the mitigation of mining damage to the floor of no. 5 coal seam of Taiyuan Group by grouting. Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 118(5).



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