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We used first-principles calculations to investigate the existence and origin of the ferroelectric in- stability in the ABF3 fluoro-perovskites. We find that many fluoro-perovskites have a ferroelectric instability in their high symmetry cubic structure, which is of similar amplitude to that commonly found in oxide perovskites. In contrast to the oxides, however, the fluorides have nominal Born effective charges, indicating a different mechanism for the instability. We show that the instability originates from ionic size effects, and is therefore in most cases largely insensitive to pressure and strain, again in contrast to the oxide perovskites. An exception is NaMnF3, where coherent epitaxial strain matching to a substrate with equal in-plane lattice constants destabilizes the bulk Pnma structure leading to a ferroelectric, and indeed multiferroic, ground state with an unusual polarization/strain response.

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Garcia-Castro, A. C., Spaldin, Nicola A., Romero, A. H., & Bousquet, E. (2014). Geometric Ferroelectricity In Fluoroperovskites. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 89(10).