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Spring 1987


Eberly College of Arts and Sciences


Social Work


One of the most useful genres of personal computer software for human service administrators is the electronic spreadsheet. Despite its status as the single most important reason for the commercial success of the personal computer (or PC), spreadsheets have received scant attention in human service administration. An extended search of the major electronic bibliographies and information services turned up no references to spreadsheets in the human service literature. We are already building an extensive knowledge and experience base in the application of spreadsheets to the problems of human service administration. However, as the paucity of literature on this subject shows, we have yet to settle upon ways of disseminating the best and most effective applications of spreadsheet technology.

Source Citation

A revised version of this manuscript was published as Spreadsheet Analysis for Mental Health Administration in the Journal of Mental Health Administration. 14.1. (Spring, 1987). 8-16.



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