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Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery


Introduction: Aortic valve reconstructions using geometric an- nuloplasty rings HAART 300/200 open new era in aortic valve surgery. The HAART technology resizes, reshapes, stabilizes and simplifies aortic valve repair. The HAART aortic repair rings are designed to be implanted directly into aortic annulus (un- der aortic valve leaflets).

Aim: We present first in Poland 4 cases of aortic valve recon- structions using geometric annuloplasty rings HAART 300. Material and methods: Two patients had type IA aortic insuf- ficiency (due to El-Khoury classification) – they were treated by HAART 300 ring insertion and ascending aorta prosthesis implantation. Third patient, Marfan with type IB aortic insuf- ficiency was repaired by HAART 300 ring implantation followed by remodeling (Yacoub) procedure. Fourth patient with type II aortic insufficiency (due to RCC prolapse) was repaired by HAART 300 implantation and cusp plication.

Results: All patients shows good results on 6 months postop- erative 3D TTE examinations. Conclusions: Presented technique is reproducible and simplify aortic valve reconstructions.

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Juściński, J. H., Koprowski, A., Kołaczkowska, M., Kowalik, M. M., Rogowski, J. A., & Rankin, J. S. (2018). First uses of HAART 300 rings for aortic valve repair in Poland – 4 case studies. Polish Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 15(1), 38–43.



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