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Coal quality (ash, sulphur, moisture, and heating value) is one of the fundamental concerns for both coal mines and power plants. In order to deliver uniform coal quality to the power plant, there is a need for realtime monitoring of coal quality from the mine to the coal stockpiles. The specific problem represents the process of stacking the coal inside an enclosed facility such as a dome. The objective of this research was to develop a custom-made and integrated coal quality management model for dome storage (DS-CQMM). The DS-CQMM merges existing technology in surface mines, such as coal analysers, together with automation technologies, information technologies (IT), and mathematical models. The DS-CQMM is organized into four major sections: Delay Time application, Stacker application, Reclaimer application, and Live Stockpile application. A sub-process called Volume Calculation is embedded in Stacker application, while an additional feature called Forecast tool is included in the Reclaimer application. The DS-CQMM model was developed for a surface coal mine in the southern USA.

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Badani-Prado, M. A. (2016). Coal quality management model for dome storage (DS-CQMM). Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 116(7), 699–708.

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