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A numerical-model-based approach was recently developed for estimating the changes in both the hor- izontal and vertical loading conditions induced by an approaching longwall face. In this approach, a sys- tematic procedure is used to estimate the model’s inputs. Shearing along the bedding planes is modeled with ubiquitous joint elements and interface elements. Coal is modeled with a newly developed coal mass model. The response of the gob is calibrated with back analysis of subsidence data and the results of previously published laboratory tests on rock fragments. The model results were verified with the sub- sidence and stress data recently collected from a longwall mine in the eastern United States.

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Tulu, I. B., Esterhuizen, G. S., Gearhart, D., Klemetti, T. M., Mohamed, K. M., & Su, D. W. H. (2018). Analysis of global and local stress changes in a longwall gateroad. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, 28(1), 127–135.


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