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This data article provides data and supplemental materials refer-enced in“Nuclear phylogenomics of the palm subfamily Arecoi-deae (Arecaceae)”(Comer et al., 2016)[1]. Raw sequence readsgenerated for this study are available through the Sequence ReadArchive (SRA Study Accession: SRP061467). An aligned super-matrix of 168 nuclear genes for 35 taxa (34 palms and one out-group taxon) is provided. Also provided are individual maximumlikelihood gene trees used for the coalescent based analyses, out-put from the maximum parsimony analyses, and twofigures.

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Comer, J. R., Zomlefer, W. B., Barrett, C. F., Stevenson, D. W., Heyduk, K., & Leebens-Mack, J. H. (2016). Data supporting the nuclear phylogenomics of the palm subfamily Arecoideae (Arecaceae). Data in Brief, 7, 532–536.


&2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. This is an openaccess article under the CC BY license(



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