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Since longwall mining causes subsidence through the overlying strata to the ground surface, the surface water and groundwater above the longwall panels may be affected and drained into the lower levels. Therefore, loss or interruption of streams and overburden aquifers is a common concern in coal industry. This paper analyzed the potential effects of longwall mining on subsurface water system in shallow coal seam. In order to monitor different water level fluctuations throughout the mining period, three water wells were drilled down to the proposed deformation zone above the longwall panel. A GGU-SS-FLOW3D model was used to predict water table contours for the periods of pre- and post-mining conditions. The field data from the three water wells were utilized to calibrate the model. The field test and numerical model can help to better understand the dewatering of shallow aquifers and surface waters related to ground subsidence from longwall mining in shallow coal seam.

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Li, Y., Peng, S. S., & Zhang, J. (2015). Impact of longwall mining on groundwater above the longwall panel in shallow coal seams. Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 7(3), 298–305.


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