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For two libraries (PDF1 and ODF1) using Illumina sequencing 44,082,301 and 43,708,132 clean reads were obtained, respectively. After being mapped to the bovine RefSeq database, 15,533 genes were identified to be expressed in both types of follicles (cut-off RPKM > 0.5), of which 719 were highly expressed in bovine follicles (cut-off RPKM > 100). Furthermore, 83 genes were identified as being differentially expressed in ODF1 versus PDF1, where 42 genes were upregulated and 41 genes were downregulated. KEGG pathway analysis revealed two upregulated genes in ODF1 versus PDF1, CYP11A1, and CYP19A1, which are important genes in the steroid hormone biosynthesis pathway. This study represents the first investigation of transcriptome of bovine follicles at predeviation and onset of deviation stages and provides a foundation for future investigation of the regulatory mechanisms involved in follicular development in cattle.

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Li, P., Meng, J., Liu, W., Smith, G. W., Yao, J., & Lyu, L. (2016). Transcriptome Analysis of Bovine Ovarian Follicles at Predeviation and Onset of Deviation Stages of a Follicular Wave. International Journal of Genomics, 2016, 1–9.


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