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Resistance against diseases affects profitability of rainbow trout. Limited information is available about functions and mechanisms of teleost immune pathways. Immunogenomics provides powerful tools to determine disease resistance genes/gene pathways and develop genetic markers for genomic selection. RNA-Seq sequencing of the rainbow trout spleen yielded 93,532,200 reads (100 bp). High quality reads were assembled into 43,047 contigs. 26,333 (61.17%) of the contigs had hits to the NR protein database and 7024 (16.32%) had hits to the KEGG database. Gene ontology showed significant percentages of transcripts assigned to binding (51%), signaling (7%), response to stimuli (9%) and receptor activity (4%) suggesting existence of many immune-related genes. KEGG annotation revealed 2825 sequences belonging to “organismal systems” with the highest number of sequences, 842 (29.81%), assigned to immune system. A number of sequences were identified for the first time in rainbow trout belonging to Toll-like receptor signaling (35), B cell receptor signaling pathway (44), T cell receptor signaling pathway (56), chemokine signaling pathway (73), Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis (52), leukocyte transendothelial migration (60) and NK cell mediated cytotoxicity (42). In addition, 51 transcripts were identified as spleen-specific genes. The list includes 277 full-length cDNAs. The presence of a large number of immune-related genes and pathways similar to other vertebrates suggests that innate and adaptive immunity in fish are conserved. This study provides deep-sequence data of rainbow trout spleen transcriptome and identifies many new immune-related genes and full-length cDNAs. This data will help identify allelic variations suitable for genomic selection and genetic manipulation in aquaculture.

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Ali, A., Rexroad, C. E., Thorgaard, G. H., Yao, J., & Salem, M. (2014). Characterization of the rainbow trout spleen transcriptome and identification of immune-related genes. Frontiers in Genetics, 5.


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