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College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences


Sport and Exercise Psychology


Objectives: To investigate the wellness programming preferences of state employees in West Virginia.

Study Design: A survey-based, descriptive analysis of employees’ preferences

Methods: State employees (n = 18,791) of West Virginia were given a38-item wellness survey. Items assessed employees’ interest in programming, methods for receiving wellness information, and incentives for participation.Descriptive statistics were run to provide a summary of state employees’ preferences.

Results: The survey response rate was 40%. Respondents showed interest in physical activity (81.0%), nutrition (77.6%) and stress management programming (61.1%). A personalized webpage was the highest rated method of receiving wellness information and a discount on insurance premiums would be the most motivating incentive (69.6%).

Conclusion: Interest in wellness programming was high, which suggests that appropriately target interventions may engage a large portion of West Virginia citizens in health education and lifestyle change.

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Kadushin, P., Zizzi, S, & Henderson, N. (2016). West Virginia State Employees’ Preferences for Worksite Wellness Programming.



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