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College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences


Sport and Exercise Psychology


The purpose of this study was to develop and pilot a theory-based, computer-tailored feedback system for healthy behaviors for college students at a large, public university, aiming to enhance student wellness. A total of 1300 college students were contacted. Sixty–two students completed the eight week intervention. The participants were randomly assigned into two groups and received the survey three times, consistently receiving normative or personalized feedback. The participating sample was generally healthy and mainly comprised of freshman, Caucasian, and normal weight individuals. Repeated-measure ANOVAs were run and small significant interactions were found between the type of feedback received and some of the dependent variables. This study showed potential benefits of this intervention which can help institutions in supplying preventive services as a part of the transition to university life. Suggestions are provided for delivering preventative health services related to unhealthy diet, drinking habits, or inactive lifestyle.

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Quartiroli, A., & Zizzi, S. (2012). A tailored wellness intervention for college students using internet technology: A pilot study. International Electronic Journal of Health Education, 15, 37-50.



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