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Aside from the more common dorsal avulsion fractures, isolated triquetral body fractures are a rare injury and often missed. When they are identified, conservative treatment via immobilization is often the standard of care for initial treatment. Rarely, triquetral body fractures can develop into symptomatic nonunions, causing considerable pain and disability. Multiple classification schemes have been described to categorize triquetrum fractures; however, distal triquetrum fractures fit into none of the established models. There is scarce literature describing treatment of triquetral body fracture nonunions. The few reports that exist often use a variation of open reduction internal fixation with or without grafting as treatment. We present the case of an unusual triquetral body fracture nonunion that was successfully treated via surgical excision of the ununited distal fragment.

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Niemann, M. J., Brooks, W. C., Cavanaugh, P., Lese, A. B., & Taras, J. S. (2021). Excision of a Rare Triquetral Body Fracture Nonunion. Journal of Hand Surgery Global Online.


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