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The objective was to describe the development process of a curriculum (iCook 4-H) targeted to low-income, rural, and/or diverse youths and their adult primary meal preparer to promote cooking, eating, and playing together. Lessons learned highlighted the importance of grounding the curriculum in Social Cognitive Theory and applying the experiential 4-H learning model using a multiphased, community-based participatory approach with cyclical development and evaluation, and key modifications made for dissemination and distribution. Findings across 4 testing phases over 6 years and 5 states demonstrated the time-intensive, cyclical process that required flexibility with fidelity to form a hands-on, interactive curriculum.

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Franzen-Castle, L., Colby, S. E., Kattelmann, K. K., Olfert, M. D., Mathews, D. R., Yerxa, K., Baker, B., Krehbiel, M., Lehrke, T., Wilson, K., Flanagan, S. M., Ford, A., Aguirre, T., & White, A. A. (2019). Development of the iCook 4-H Curriculum for Youth and Adults: Cooking, Eating, and Playing Together for Childhood Obesity Prevention. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 51(3), S60–S68.


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