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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences



To evaluate barriers to dissemination and implementation and perceptions of the Evidence-Based Forecast Capture, Assemble, Sustain, Timelessness (eB4CAST) dissemination infographic tool as part of iCook 4-H dissemination.


Online surveys and phone interviews.


Experts (n = 35) in community research completed the survey; 13 completed the interview.

Main Outcomes Measure

Experts’ perceptions of eB4CAST reports used for iCook 4-Hdissemination.


Frequency and thematic analysis.


Survey respondents agreed (85%) that the eB4CAST infographic provided a clear understanding of iCook 4-H and relevant information (83%). Statistics included in the infographic were reported as easily understood (66%). Respondents (83%) stated that the infographic would be helpful to share outcomes with stakeholders. Thematic analysis showed that the majority of interviewees agreed that eB4CAST infographics might aid in overcoming barriers to dissemination and implementation including communication and community ownership.

Conclusions and Implications

This study provides perceptions from experts regarding the value of using eB4CAST infographics as a tool to disseminate the impact of a community nutrition program.

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Olfert, M. D., Hagedorn, R. L., Barr, M. L., Colby, S. E., Kattelmann, K. K., Franzen-Castle, L., & White, A. A. (2019). Dissemination Using Infographic Reports Depicting Program Impact of a Community-Based Research Program: eB4CAST in iCook 4-H. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 51(3), S52–S59.


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