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Fall 8-2021


The Search Terms & Boolean Operators Activity, Information Evaluation Activity, and the Library Website Scavenger Hunt are three assignments for the course ExPh370: Writing for Exercise Science. These assignments were librarian created with final approval by the course instructor, are credit-bearing in the course, and are the current version of the assignments as of Fall 2021. These assignments are supplemental material for a book chapter by the same authors.

Library1_ExPhys370.vFall2021_Repository.pdf (122 kB)
Library Assignment Part 1: Search Terms & Boolean Operators Activity

Library2_ExPhys370.vFall2021_Repository.pdf (144 kB)
Library Assignment Part 2: Information Evaluation Activity

LibraryWebsiteScavengerHunt.vFall2021_Repository.pdf (52 kB)
Library Website Scavenger Hunt



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