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We have carried out a search for radio emission at 820 MHz from six X-ray dim isolated neutron stars (XDINSs) with the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Radio Telescope. No transient or pulsed emission was found using fast folding, fast Fourier transform, and single-pulse searches. The corresponding flux limits are about 0.01 mJy for pulsed emission, depending on the integration time for the particular source and assuming a duty cycle of 2%, and 20 mJy for single dispersed pulses. These are the most sensitive limits to date on radio emission from XDINSs. There is no evidence for isolated radio pulses, as seen in a class of neutron stars known as rotating radio transients. Our results imply that either the radio luminosities of these objects are lower than those of any known radio pulsars, or they could simply be long-period nearby radio pulsars with high magnetic fields beaming away from the Earth. To test the latter possibility, we would need around 40 similar sources to provide a 1{sigma} probability of at least one of them beaming toward us. We also give a detailed description of our implementation of the Fast Folding Algorithm.

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Kondratiev, V. I., Mclaughlin, M. A., Lorimer, D. R., Burgay, M., Possenti, A., Turolla, R.,… Zane, S. (2009). New Limits On Radio Emission From X-Ray Dim Isolated Neutron Stars. The Astrophysical Journal, 702(1), 692-706.