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Typical p-type semiconductor MnO codoped with n-type semiconductors such as CeO2 and V2O5 was reported to achieve high efficiency in catalytic NO removal by NH3. In this paper, we present novel Mn-Ce codoped V2O5/TiO2 catalyst which exhibited an excellent NO conversion efficiency of 90% at 140°C. By using this codoped catalyst, the best low-temperature activity was greatly decreased when compared with single Mn- or Ce-doped catalyst. According to the characterization results from BET, XRD, and XPS, the codoped catalyst was composed of both CeO2 and amorphous Mn. The electron circulation formed between doping elements is believed to promote the electron transfer, which may be one of the reasons for excellent low-temperature denitration performance.

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Yang, Ke., Xiao, Weiwei., Xu, Quan., Bai, Jiaojiao., Luo, Yan., Guo, Hao.,… Cai, Lulu. (2017). Reaction And Characterization Of Low-Temperature Effect Of Transition Nanostructure Metal Codoped Scr Catalyst. Journal Of Nanomaterials, 2017.