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Inhibition of phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE4), an enzyme that specifically hydrolyzes cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) increases intracellular cAMP/cAMP-response element binding protein (CREB) signaling. Activation of this signaling is considered as an important compensatory response that decreases motivational properties of drugs of abuse. However, it is not known whether PDE4 is involved in heroin seeking. Self-administration of heroin (50

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Lai, Miaojun., Zhu, Huaqiang., Sun, Anna., Zhuang, Dingding., Fu, Dan., Chen, Weisheng.,… Zhou, Wenhua. (2014). The Phosphodiesterase-4 Inhibitor Rolipram Attenuates Heroin-Seeking Behavior Induced By Cues Or Heroin Priming In Rats. The International Journal Of Neuropsychopharmacology / Official Scientific Journal Of The Collegium Internationale Neuropsychopharmacologicum (Cinp), 17(9), 1397-1407.