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Over the past decade it has become apparent that a class of `bursting pulsars' exist with the discovery of PSR J1752+2359 and PSR J1938+2213. In these pulsars, a sharp increase in the emission is observed that then tends to systematically drop-off from pulse-to-pulse. In this paper we describe the discovery of such a relationship in high-sensitivity observations of the young (characteristic age of 90,000 yrs) 0.33 s pulsar B0611+22 at both 327 MHz and 1400 MHz with the Arecibo radio telescope. While Nowakowski previously showed that B0611+22 has mode-switching properties, the data presented here show, for the first time, that this pulsar emits bursts with characteristic time-scales of several hundred seconds. At 327 MHz, the pulsar shows steady behaviour in one emission mode which is enhanced by bursting emission slightly offset in pulse phase from this steady emission. Contrastingly at 1400 MHz, the two modes appear to behave in a competing operation while still offset in phase. Using a fluctuation spectrum analysis, we also investigate each mode independently for sub-pulse drifting. Neither emission mode (i.e. during bursts or persistent emission) shows the presence of the drifting sub-pulse phenomenon. The bursting phenomena seen here appears to be a hybrid between bursting seen in other pulsars and the bistable profile illumination behaviour reported in two other pulsars by Rankin et al. Further examples of this cross-frequency behaviour are required, as this phenomenon may be quite common among the pulsar population.

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Seymour, A. D.., Lorimer, D. R.., & Ridley, J. P.. (2014). Bursting Emission From Psr B0611+22. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 439(4), 3951-3961.



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