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This chapter describes Research for Non-Profits a 300/500 level service-learning course that introduces non-profits and grantseeking while teaching research and information literacy skills. Students in the course create a funder research portfolio for a non-profit client with a funding need. As students draft, revise, and polish the portfolios, they hone their research skills as well as engage with larger information literacy concepts, particularly the value of information, information creation as a process, and how authority is constructed and contextual. The chapter describes the course’s long development road as well as how partnerships were built, not only with the campus center for service and learning but multiple academic departments as well. The course is described in detail including learning objectives, assessments, and outcomes. The benefits for students, faculty librarian, campus, and community are also discussed.

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Wright, A. (2018) Research for Non-Profits, a Service Learning Class. In McDevitt, T. & Finegan, C. P. (Ed.) Grantseeking Research in Library Service and Learning: Empowering Students, Inspiring Social Responsibility, and Building Community Connections (pp. 3-23). Chicago, IL: ACRL.